About Gary Stanislawski

Senator Gary Stanislawski was elected to the Oklahoma Senate on August 26, 2008 by the voters of Senate District 35. In 2011, he was elected by his caucus to serve as a Majority Whip. Senator Stanislawski chairs the Transportation Committee and is Vice-Chair of Education. In 2012 he did not draw an opponent in Senate District 35, so it is his pleasure to serve for the next four years.

Gary Stanislawski is uniquely qualified to serve as State Senator because of his extensive experience, unwavering commitment to Oklahoma values, and demonstrated performance as a public servant.

Experience you can rely on . . . integrity you can trust

Gary was awarded a four-year ROTC scholarship and attended Oregon State University where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Upon graduation, Gary entered the U.S. Air Force and subsequently earned his wings as a pilot in 1984. Gary flew for eight years, flying such planes as the B-52 and the B-1 Bomber. He has approximately 2000 hours of flying time. During his years in the military, he learned the timeless principles of duty, honor and service to country which molded his character and continue to influence his life and determine his priorities today.

Gary M. Stanislawski, CFP® is the president of Regent Financial Services, Inc. Gary works with individuals and businesses in investment, retirement and estate planning services. As a successful small business owner who knows what it means to operate under a tight budget and meet payroll, Gary is working to make our state more business-friendly to attract more companies that will provide jobs and sales tax revenue for Tulsa.

Committed to Oklahoma values and public safety

Gary and his wife Dayna have been married for 30+ years and have two children, Shawn and Kristie. Gary Stanislawski is a proud husband and father who is pro-family without reservation. A fiscal and social conservative, he believes that the most important functions of government are to provide security to its citizens and to improve our infrastructure. Nothing is more important to Gary than enhancing our quality of life and making Oklahoma a safer place to live.

A clear vision for state government

Senator Stanislawski not only wants to change the way government operates, he wants to transform it with a fresh, innovative style of leadership that is more productive, responsive and accountable; yet less intrusive.

Proven leadership for today

Served in the U.S. Air Force for 8 years
Oral Roberts University Alumnus (M.A. 1996)
Small business owner for almost two decades
Chairman of Oklahoma Compensation and Unclassified Position Review Board (2013)
President of Tulsa Chapter of Financial Planning Association (2006-07)
Jenks School board member (2000-2008)
Served on the board of Tulsa women’s shelter for 3 years
Taught adult Sunday school for 8 years
Served as Sunday School Superintendent (5 years) and Vacation Bible School Director (10 years) at Victory
Married for 30+ years with two adult children
A fiscal and social conservative who is pro-family and pro-business

Transportation Committee Chair
Education Committee Vice-Chair
Presiding Officer of the Senate

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